Toronto, Ontario – April 14, 2015 – GoldLand Holdings Co (GHDC.OTC-PINK) announces that the Company’s board has issued a directive to review the complete share structure of the Company and all past acquisitions and leases.

The Company’s Executive team reviewed all possible business models and feels that adapting the direction of a multi-divisional holding company is the right business direction for GHDC. The present business model has already proven to be cumbersome.  The team will focus on a solid business foundation of rapid growth, opportunity, and profitability with the goals of unbridled successes going forward.

“All past acquisitions and purchases or leases will be reviewed over the next month and will be evaluated against the long-term plan for the Company. Those that make sense to keep or are immediate revenue generators will be folded under the new umbrella and those that don’t will be liquidated or renegotiated to directly benefit the bottom-line performance,” said, Mr. John G. Prosser II, Chairman.

Mr. Allan Breitkreuz, the Company’s Chief Operation Officer, said, “The board coupled with the management team have a clear mandate to clean-up any and all loose ends from the past. We (GHDC) are moving very fast and are looking to build a strong Company through numerous high-profile acquisitions. This should drive revenues and provide solid returns to our shareholders with an objectivity to derive a very stable stock value. ”

The Company will release a complete business model and its new methodology upon the completion of this board review.


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About GoldLand Holdings Co.:

Goldland Holdings Co. (GHDC) is a diversified Company, holding gold and silver mining properties in N. America, as well as, gaming equipment leased to an operator in S. America.  The Company fully reports it operations under the United States Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.


GoldLand Holdings, Co., cautions that the statements made in this press release and other forward looking statements made on behalf of the Company may be affected by such other factors including, but not limited to, vagaries of trade, market competition, and other risks detailed herein and from time to time in the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission filings of the Company.