About Yes International

Yes International is a full-service Investor Relations firm with the commitment to provide cost effective and efficient visibility about the corporate on-goings of publicly-traded companies. With a diverse and unique following of investors from institutions to private individuals, YES can provide an avenue for management to implement an equity awareness program.

Since 1991, YES International has helped many American, Canadian, and German publicly-traded companies with the dissemination of information. YES INTERNATIONAL, founded in July, 1991, has over 27 years experience in the public market sectors and has been able to formulate a comprehensive program which enhances the equity image of public companies. YES remains committed to the integrity of its internal operations as well as that of the public companies that YES represents.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this web site remains strictly informative. YES cannot advise as to the purchase or sale of stated securities represented on this site. YES maintains a strict policy under the rules and regulations of The United States Securities and Exchange Commission Acts; we can only provide information about the on-goings of a public entity. YES recommends consultation with your financial adviser(s) regarding all types of securities transactions.