Toronto, Ontario- July 22, 2015 – GoldLand Holdings Co. (OTC-PINK:GHDC) announces that in completing a review of all past relationships, management provides a clarification on the Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (SFMI) agreement.

GoldLand Holdings Co. leases 174.82 acres of its mining claims a top War Eagle Mountain, Idaho to Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. Under the lease agreement, SFMI is responsible and obligated to pay GoldLand annual lease payments of $1,000,000, payable on a monthly basis and a royalty of 15%. The lease expires on October 1, 2026.

Chairman, Mr. John Gwynne Prosser II stated, “In light of our reviews of all past deals and relationships, we are pleased to announce that we will continue to maintain a solid relationship with Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (SFMI). We felt it was only right to continue the lease agreement with SFMI. We know for a fact that, not only are all lease agreements and claims still in the hands of both GHDC and SFMI, but there are numerous capital funding companies that are interested and planning on proceeding forward for both entities.”

Mr. Prosser went on to say, “This is yet another great revenue generating opportunity for GoldLand Holdings, as the agreement and relationship continues to grow and become fulfilled. We are still in control of the leases, the claims and now the funding opportunities that we are bringing to the table as a team.”
GHDC will add another unique division which will contain mining and precious metals, operating as a wholly owned subsidiary.
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About GoldLand Holdings Co:

GoldLand Holdings Co. (OTC-PINK: GHDC) is a diversified Company, holding gold and silver mining properties in North America, with an aggressive growth strategy driven through mergers, acquisitions, and new ventures. This will result in a multi-divisional, financially viable and profitable wholly owned subsidiary model company.

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