Virginia Beach, VA- August 17, 2015- The following represents the opinion of the management of ELEMENT GLOBAL, INC. (OTC PINK: ELGL):

ELEMENT GLOBAL, INC.(ELGL:OTC-PINK) today provides informative information regarding its victimized attack on Investors Hub, also known as IHUB.

The Company’s IHUB thread has been full of negative post and outright lies on this supposed investment “chatroom,” IHUB.

Noteworthy, small cap stocks have fallen victim to “naked shorting” trading practices, usually associated with overseas accounts.  This “naked shorting” has become more and more rampant on small stocks because of the limited or nonexistence in legal enforcement.  Investors Hubs’ parent organization, Advfn, PLC., ADVFN.com , located in London, England, has had a record of stock manipulations whereas its U.S. subsidiary’s, Investors Hub, Inc., Tallahassee, Florida, principal has been jailed for a litany of investment crimes – Mr. Matthew Brown, the operator for IHUB, jailed.

Unfortunately, ELGL has become a target of this negativity because the recent stock price highs caused a “short squeeze,” where the “naked shorter” had to come up with either cash and/or shares to cover the illegal short position.  When ELGL’s stock moved upwardly, management believes that this cost these illegal trades millions of dollars. Now, they are on a vendetta to attack ELGL through IHUB with the objective to recoup ill gotten gains on their illegal activities.

The objective of a “naked short” attack is to drive a company’s stock price to the lowest prices possible and keep that stock price at that level with the hopes a company never recovers in value.  This strategy in this illegal shorting allows the criminality to continue unchecked, raping millions upon millions of dollars out from the financial system.

Remember, it is believed that IHUB’s parent company in London has an office complex with 100s of employees who are under assumed identities who are paid to bash a public company.  Its suspect because of previously published convictions of not only its principles but also high profile bashers, that IHUB is a financial terrorist organization with its target on small public US companies who aren’t being defended under published US laws.

Today, management at ELGL would like to enlighten readers and poster of IHUB some of the characters (bashers) who have been posting these negative, defamatory lies on this “chatroom.”

Two of the more pronounced bashers on the ELGL IHUB thread are that of ”Janice Shell” and Jeffrey Jude Mutual, a.k.a – “dplin2001” and” j45.”

Janice Shell has been known as a moderator of InvestorsHub.com (IHUB) board. The individual has a host of devoted followers believed to be the same paid employees located in the office complex in a suburb south of London.

The following links gives a look at the criminality of this “Janice Shell” character and how it relates to illegal stock transactions:






The Company reports that doing a Google Search under “Janice Shell IHUB” or Janice Shell Investors Hub” will pull down multiple pages of links regarding the criminality of this poster.

In essence, Janice Shell has been charged numerous times for stock shorting and manipulations.

Jeffrey Jude Mutual, a.k.a- “dplin2001” and” j45” was a former broker with a colorful history as an investment advisor, http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/1978486.  It appears that he too might be an employee IHUB whereas legitimate posts are removed due to his activities as a newly appointed moderator.

At this time, Management recommends that visiting and participating on the IHUB board is a contribution to financial terrorism which continues to go uncheck and undefended under the constitutional laws of investments and trading.   Management believes in the “Right to Free Speech,” but defamation, libelous statements, and tortuous interference in order to effectuate a “naked shorting” campaign is illegal.

As management meets with its legal team to weight its options to once again move forward with a suit against Investors Hub, its parent Advfn, PLC and its paid bashers, be assured that ELGL will do what it takes to defend its honor and the honor of its shareholders.

For further information about Element Global, Inc., contact, Rich Kaiser, Investor Relations, YES INTERNATIONAL, 757-306-6090 and/or rich@yesinternational.com.

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