Bravo Multinational Incorporated (BRVO) Posts Company Update

Toronto, Canada –May 27, 2016– Bravo Multinational Incorporated (BRVO: OTCQB) posts an update of significant corporate accomplishments and goals.

Bravo has been up-listed to the OTCQB trading platform and as of May 26, 2016, has a Morningstar rating of ‘3’ stars.

Effective May 25, 2016, Bravo’s Board of Directors terminated its contractual relationship with FMW Media Works Corp.  Also, the Directors canceled the Company’s intent to pursue the recently signed MOU with Pet Longevity. Bravo has demanded the recall all 20,500,000 million restricted and S8 shares issued as part of this contract and two other consulting agreements.

Bravo is currently negotiating a potential purchase agreement with a large gold mining property and claim owner in Northern Ontario, Canada’s gold country. Further details will be released when available on this exciting new project.

Bravo’s President will travel to Central America in June to continue negotiation and solidify pending agreements on the following:

–    The purchase of two (2) municipal casino licenses located in San Salvador, El Salvador.

–    Complete negotiations for a business consulting agreement with a national sports franchise in El Salvador.

–    Complete agreements to establish import arrangements with a country-wide grocery chain in El Salvador.

Bravo will release more details on the plans and expectations for the recently closed transaction on May 6, 2016, for the purchase of 500 slot and video poker machines in Nicaragua from Centro de Entretenimiento y Diversion Mombacho SA.   Management further anticipated expansion plans for this project, and will report on the expected growth as it becomes available.

Bravo has been in discussions with management of casino operations in San Andres, Colombia, and anticipates that Bravo could enter into a new lease agreement, placing the Company’s owned “Casino Equipment” into operations.

Bravo began the procedure to take legal actions against Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (SFMI.OTCPINK) which is in serious default of its lease payment obligations, owing Bravo over $2.4 million.

Bravo has begun the procedure to “Stop Transfer” and “Cancel” some of the suspect share issuances.  Management acknowledges this is a time-consuming task with OVER 100 MILLION suspect share issuances, and it may take several months to complete in multiple stages.  Progress reports will become available as BRVO makes its way through the cancellation processes.

A new BRAVO website, BRAVOMULTINATIONAL.COM should be online within the first couple of weeks of June 2016.

About Bravo Multinational Incorporated:

Bravo Multinational Incorporated (OTCQB: BRVO) is a diversified Company, with casino equipment holdings in Central and South America as well as gold / silver mining properties and claims in North America. Bravo’s growth strategy, driven by partnerships, acquisitions, and new ventures should result in financially viable and profitable corporate divisions.

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Bravo Multinational Incorporated cautions that the statements made in this press release and other forward looking statements made on behalf of the Company may be affected by such other factors including, but not limited to, vagaries of trade, market competition and other risks detailed herein and from time to time in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings of the Company.