Accelera Innovations, Inc. (ACNV) Launches Investment Relations Firm, YES INTERNATIONAL

CHICAGO, IL–February 5, 2015-Accelera Innovations, Inc. (“Accelera”) (ACNV.OTCQB) today announced that it has launched YES INTERNATIONAL an investment relations firm, to support and improve communications with the shareholders.

Richard Kaiser, the leader behind YES INTERNATIONAL, has a proven 24 year track record in handling investor relations for public companies.

The partnership is the next step in the organization’s continued drive towards becoming a clear leader in the healthcare industry.

Accelera Innovations is dedicated to staying ahead of its shareholders’ needs, and the partnership of YES INTERNATIONAL furthers its long standing commitment to the investors.

YES INTERNATIONAL also handles shareholder presentations and helps coordinate shareholder events and meetings. If you need questions answered regarding your ownership positions and/or other corporate information, please contact Richard at 757-306-6090,,

About Accelera

ACCELERA INNOVATIONS, INC is a collaboration of companies designed to improve the outcomes of post-acute and long-term care patients. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and lower costs, through educating providers, leveraging our technology and changing the model of payment to a value-based system. Accelera is actively making investments in companies that span a broad section of post-acute care. The company is focused on businesses that are moving towards a stronger future for healthcare,


 Founded in 1991, Virginia based YES INTERNATIONAL (YES) has provided investor relations services for both public and private corporations in the United States, Canada, and Germany.  With years of experience, YES provides a cost effective and efficient communication conduit to both the domestic and international investment communities. Their ability to increase shareholder awareness about corporate on-goings produces a better informed and supportive base of shareholders. YES’ proactive approach included extensive and targeted investor marketing, working to develop a broader and diverse shareowner base,

For further information please contact: 866-920-0758 and/or Rich Kaiser, Investor Relations, 800-631-8127 and/or