Virginia Beach, VA- June 13, 2017-  Northstar Electronic, Inc’s (OTCQB:NEIK) CEO, Dr. Wilson Russell, recently participated in the 2017 CANSEC Global Defense and Security trade show in Ottawa, Canada.

Throughout the show, the international aerospace company whose subsidiary has been dealing with Northstar’s subsidiary, Northstar Sealand Enterprises Ltd (NSEL), had a strong presence.

NSEL’s objective is to acquire the exclusive worldwide rights to an enhanced version of a single engine Turbo-Prop industrial airplane from the subsidiary of the international aerospace company.

Dr. Russell had meetings with senior people from the international aerospace company including the Vice President of Sales, the Vice President of Marketing, the Manager of Industrial Cooperation, and the Head of Military Aircraft in Canada along with other responsibilities in North America.

Primarily, meetings were focused on the actions remaining to move forward to an agreement with the international aerospace company’s subsidiary.

Dr. Russell states, “the meetings went well, and based on the information gathered from these meetings and correspondence with the subsidiary, it appears that they could be ready in the next few weeks to move forward to the next steps required to closing a formal agreement.”

The international company has strong and compelling reasons to see their subsidiary and NSEL sign an agreement.  Doing so could improve the international company’s chances at winning certain multi-billion dollar aviation contracts in North America.

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About Northstar Electronics, Inc.

Northstar Electronics, Inc. (OTCQB.NEIK) established in the late 1990’s carried out design and manufacturing contracts for various divisions of Lockheed Martin Corporation including LM MS2 (Submarine Command and Control Consoles), LM Canada (Naval Anti-Terrorism System), LM Aeronautics (Parts for P-3 Orion Airplane), and L-3 ( Navy Frigate Command and Control Consoles). Northstar also designed, manufactured, and sold its sonar-based system to commercial customers. Since the termination of the above contracts, Northstar has been seeking other strategic relationships,

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