Axxess Unlimited, Inc. (AXXU) Retains Yes International for Investor Relation Services

Charlotte, NC– April 7, 2015- Axxess Unlimited, Inc. (OTC-PINK: AXXU) announces that they have retained Virginia-based YES INTERNATIONAL (YES) as the Company investor relations firm. YES will keep investors informed about AXXU’s drug test compliance business and related software programs.

Founded in 1991, YES INTERNATIONAL (YES) has provided investor relations services for both public and private corporations in the United States, Canada, and Germany.  With years of experience, YES provides a cost effective and efficient communication conduit to both the domestic and international investment communities. Their ability to increase shareholder awareness about corporate on-goings produces a better informed and supportive base of shareholders. YES’ proactive approach included extensive and targeted investor marketing, working to develop a broader and diverse shareowner base.

Rich Kaiser of YES INTENATIONAL, states, “I’m looking forward to working with such a top rate recognized team of individuals at Axxess Unlimited, Inc. The Company’s aggressive posture in the work place compliance drug testing business, as it relates to workers compensation coupled with its software innovations provides an unbridled uniqueness in today’s marketplace.  Getting the word out to investors about AXXU’s positive on-goings is YES’ primary objective, which in turn informs and grows the shareholders base.  YES INTERNATIONAL is excited to communicate to both the domestic and international investment communities this fantastic opportunity- Axxess Unlimited, Inc.”

“The goal is to assist employers with both maintaining compliance in all 50 states as well as federal workplace drug test compliance, and/or assist an organization with the information that can assist with defeating Workers Compensation, unemployment and wrongful termination claims,” stated, Richard Sharp, CEO AXXU.

With numerous investments choices currently in the market, YES INTERNATIONAL’s direct and concentrated efforts in providing investor relations should grow and keep the attention and the focus of the investment community on the growth at Axxess Unlimited, Inc.

About AXXU:

Axxess Unlimited, Inc. (AXXU) currently focuses on employer cost reductions by providing SaaS subscription compliance services to fortune 500 customers as well as a variety of the smaller 23 million employers in the U.S., across many business verticals. These services provide employers with the content and tools to assess, develop, maintain and keep current the vast and complicated state-specific drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures which are governed by state and federal law, court decisions and statutes. Employers use these services to maintain their drug test compliance programs, defeat Workers Compensation claims that involve drugs and alcohol and assist with operational efficiencies such as, avoiding wrongful termination, ADA violations, improper drug test violations, applying the evolving rules of Marijuana testing and termination, all with a clear focus on workplace compliance and safety.


Yes International is a full service investor relations firm out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, with a   commitment to providing cost effective and efficient visibility about the corporate on-goings of publicly traded companies. With a diverse and unique following of investors from institutions to private individuals, YES can provide an avenue for a corporation’s management to implement and maintain investor awareness about corporate events and fundamentals.  Further information about YES INTERNATIONAL is available at For further information about this release contact, Investor Relations, Rich Kaiser, YES INTERNATIONAL (757) 306-6090, Certain statements made in this press release constitute forward-looking statements and do not guarantee future performance. Actual results or developments may differ materially from projectionsin the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based solely on estimates and opinions of management at the time the statements are made.