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ACNV. YES INTERNATIONAL is under a Month to Month IR contract for $3800.00 per month. YES owns no shares of ACNV.

BRVO YES INTERNATIONAL is providing services at no cost, Rich Kaiser is Director, Interim CFO, Corporate Secretary and Corporate Governance Officer of Bravo Multinational, Inc. Rich Kaiser as of December 31, 2016 owns  shares in  combination of restricted and free trading  shares of BRVO.

ELGL. YES INTERNATIONAL is under a 1 Yr IR contract for $2000.00 per month and has 500,000 free tradable shares stock as of September 30, 2017*

PRED. YES INTERNATIONAL is under a 1-yr IR contract for $5000.00 per month as of September 30, 2017 and owns approx. 900000 shares of stock of which 600000 is under rule 144 restricted*

*Due to economic conditions, Yes International will, from time to time, take shares in lieu of cash for services rendered.

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